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On a global level, the healthcare industry is one of the largest contributors to the economy and is also one of the largest sectors in terms of employment and revenue. In India, the industry comprises of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, medical equipment and others. The industry is undergoing a phenomenal transformation in terms of supply chain requirements with a need for increased efficiency, optimised routes to market and penetration in new geographies.

Some of the leading Fortune 500 companies use CriticaLog to manage their supply chains. CriticaLog understands the challenges and the need to develop digital supply chain solutions. We are ready to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare landscape, by designing customised solutions.

Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

CriticaLog transports time and temperature-sensitive healthcare products to clinics, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and research centres. We provide a range of temperature-controlled packaging, in-transit dry ice / gel pack replenishment, dedicated reefer truck and cold rooms at strategic locations for transportation of temperature-controlled shipments. We also provide temperature integrity data support to our clients.

Medical Equipment

Our Next Flight Out (NFO) service was of great help to a healthcare company that wanted to deliver critical spares for CT scan machines to a super-speciality hospital. It faced a major challenge with the availability of spares for their service engineers at this hospital. But with our excellent service time, CriticaLog delivered the spare parts on-time, improving the uptime of machines.

Digital Goods

As globalisation increases, the technology industry faces greater time and cost pressures. The industry needs a network that provides quick and efficient transportation between production sites and consumers. They need end-to-end visibility and specialist products to ensure safe and reliable delivery.

Some of the leading Fortune 500 companies use CriticaLog to manage their supply chains. At CriticaLog, we understand the ever-changing technology markets that require dynamic solutions. You can rely on our unrivalled reach, experience and engagement. We’ll help you imagine and enable new approaches and solutions.

IT Hardware

A Fortune 500 company in the industrial automation sector provided regular upgradation of hardware to its customers. CriticaLog managed the service operations with in-city strategic stocking of critical spare parts which can be rush delivered to the nearest worksite within 2-4 hrs on request. Our 24×7 customer support platform led to faster complaint resolution and our benchmark transit time helped the company maintain a consistent AMC service level.

Consumer Electronics

A market leader in consumer electronics best known for its high-end mobile phones was tasked with recovering their defective products from end consumers and deliver back the refurbished product. CriticaLog managed a complete repair and return service which helped consolidate the after-sales operation. Our return management application enabled preferred pickup timings to end-users and supported field operatives to provide onsite due diligence on behalf of the client.


The most important trends shaping the global economy are driven by engineering and manufacturing organisations. Whether these companies focus on the extraction and transportation of raw materials, production of high-tech equipment, construction and machine tool industry, the engineering industry is building the modern world.

Some of the leading Fortune 500 companies use CriticaLog to manage their supply chains. The logistic needs of a large-scale engineering company are complex and its operations span across multiple divisions. As a leader in providing critical logistics solutions in over 16,500 PIN codes in India, CriticaLog shares its best practice and thought leadership in pioneering industry benchmark solutions that drive business success.

Heavy Engineering

One of our clients who is a manufacturer of construction industry products was losing customers due to higher TAT. CriticaLog, with a network of over 16,500 PIN codes, facilitated both forward and reverse logistics from inaccessible off-road locations resulting in the reduction of TAT by 30%. Our accessible drop-off locations across the country made it easy for the end customers to deposit the faulty machines and increased the client’s reach all over India.


Our distinctive service was provided to a global manufacturer of robotic surgical systems who won the project bid to install its system in a leading hospital chain. Through our critical logistics services, their odd dimension equipment was safely transported from the manufacturing location to the respective hospitals within record time.


E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. Propelled by rising smartphone penetration, the launch of 4G networks and increasing consumer wealth, the Indian e-commerce market is booming across categories and price value.

At CriticaLog, we are partnering with some of the leading e-Commerce companies in moving their high-value goods. Our e-Commerce solutions engage with the customers in understanding the logistics requirement and design end-to-end solutions.

Edu Tech

An e-learning company faced a unique supply chain challenge. For users who are at the end of their study term expect new material and also value for the used product. Our innovative return management application enabled our client to collect the used product from the user and refurbish them for reuse. With Swap / Exchange service CriticaLog delivered the new shipment and collected the returned product at the same time. This helped our client in innovating a recycling solution and save cost in supply chain operations.


As the fastest-growing, major economy in the world, India presents an exceptional potential for the luxury sector. The value of the luxury industry is estimated to be about USD 30 billion and is growing at a CAGR of over 20 per cent contributed mainly by luxury jewellery, electronics and fine dining.

Transporting high-value luxury goods require extensive planning and execution. CriticaLog partners with Fortune 500 luxury brands in designing solutions which not only ensures zero pilferage packaging, storage in strong rooms but also safe and secure transportation.

Luxury Retail

A global designer and marketer of premium fashion accessories brand needed a logistics partner to manage their high-value product logistics. The pickup team was trained in material handling and they ensured to pick the open shipment and safely transport the product to the end customer. CriticaLog managed a pilferage free transport with a 24×7 visibility through centralised control tower.


These are turbulent times for the automotive sector. Huge global growth in emerging markets, coupled with government regulations and emission norms are making it difficult for the industry. Manufacturing vehicles for global markets demand a 360-degree approach to ensure the ecosystem is up and running.

Some of the leading Fortune 500 automotive companies use CriticaLog to design and manage their logistics requirements. With the best logistics planning experience, our team of experts would understand your needs and design solutions for both inbound and outbound operations.


An innovative solution was provided to a heavy-duty truck manufacturer who requested delivery of odd dimension single-piece parts to off-road locations. Since the parts are heavy and oddly shaped the loading and unloading process was aided with specialised equipment. While most of the delivery destinations were remote and off-road locations we adopted the direct-to-door logistics model rather than generic hub and spoke model which resulted in delivery within 10 hours.


Within the energy industry, the key to success and maintenance of both new projects and existing facilities lies in efficiently utilising resources, infrastructure and equipment. Renewable energy is gaining importance, as India is committed to making renewable sources take up a significant percentage of power generation capacity.

At CriticaLog, we are partnering with leading renewable energy companies to ensure a greener tomorrow. With our specialised solutions, we offer safe and compliant quality services, helping energy companies increase productivity and reduce cost.

Solar Energy

A global distributor of multiple solar products faced complications with the last-mile delivery of their products. Their logistics service provider was unable to reach remote locations of the country which resulted in increased TAT. On introducing NFO to their logistics operation, CriticaLog improved the TAT by a great margin leading to customer delight.