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A multinational brand known for its avant-garde buses, durable trucks and passenger automobiles is associated with CriticaLog for a significant period. We handle their logistics requirements in India for the spare components of heavy-duty trucks. The spare part is one single piece and is also of an irregular shape, that demands expert handling.

  • A heavyweight single piece commodity
  • Large and odd dimensions shipment 
  • No transhipment allowed for the logistics partner
  • Predominant deliveries to off-road locations

CriticaLog was tasked to collect the spares from the central warehouses and carry it as a single load to the nearby airport. To ensure a smooth process the delivery information should be shared with the local vendor. Above all, the process should facilitate the installation of the spare components on the same day of the delivery.

Since the parts are heavy and oddly shaped the loading and unloading process was aided with specialised equipment. While most of the delivery destinations were remote and off-road locations we adopted the direct-to-door logistics model rather than hub and spoke. The overall carrier performance was centrally monitored through the control centre to ensure on-time delivery and installation.

Safety of the shipment was made the top-priority because of its nature, and all the parts were delivered on-time to the destination. This benchmark transit time and prior notification of delivery facilitated the installation on the same day.

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