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We are committed to sound business conduct and we, therefore, manage our business according to our company standards and these CriticaLog business principles. We support the principles of human rights, employment standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Principles That Guide Our Company

Legal And International Regulations: We comply with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which we conduct business.

Public Reporting And Communication
Our financial statements, public reporting documents and other public communication provide full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure of CriticaLog’s position in accordance with relevant laws and generally accepted accounting principles and standards. We maintain open and transparent communication with our customers, employees, shareholders and society while giving due respect to confidentiality.

Public Activities: We do not intervene in political matters, nor do we make gifts or donations to political parties.


  • We provide all employees with safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We comply with relevant safety laws and regulations and deploy policies that prevent, identify and eliminate hazards across our company and operations.
  • We strive to adopt best practices and to exceed legal safety requirements.
Principles That Guide Our Employees
  • We seek to attract, develop, reward and retain outstanding individuals who appreciate the value of acting as a team.
  • We create equal opportunities for all our employees, without regard to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation. We do not condone the unfair treatment of any kind. We treat all people with consideration and respect.
  • We are committed to investing in our people continuously.

Conflicts Of Interest
Employees shall not take business opportunities for themselves that belong to CriticaLog. Our employees must report to the management about any transaction or relationship that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a conflict of interest.
Company Assets
Our employees may not use company assets for unauthorised personal benefit. We do not tolerate fraud, theft, loss through recklessness or waste of company assets.
Gifts And Entertainment
Our employees must avoid improper personal benefits for themselves or family members that result from their association with CriticaLog. Employees may not accept gifts or entertainment that might appear to place them under obligation.
Our employees and agents may not pay or accept bribes to gain or render orders, services and other benefits. Our employees and agents must immediately turn down and report any attempt or opportunity for bribery.
Facilitating Payments
In certain circumstances, small cash sums or small gifts may be appropriate if customary or necessary to expedite or secure the performance of routine governmental action and permitted under applicable laws of the relevant jurisdiction. However, such payments – referred to as facilitating payments – should be avoided whenever possible. Prior to making such payments, approval must be taken from the MD. All facilitating payments must be fairly and accurately recorded and accounted for.

Principles That Guide Our Business

We strive to provide the most reliable and efficient solutions in the transfer of our customers’ critical goods. We safeguard property and information entrusted to us by customers and other parties.
We believe in open and fair competition. We do not use unethical practices to obtain a competitive advantage. We will not use information acquired through illegitimate activity to the detriment of competitors or other parties.

Business Associates And Agents
Our business principles guide our decisions to do business or to partner with others. To the fullest extent possible, we require our business associates to observe the CriticaLog business principles. We expect our agents, individuals or organisations that legally represent CriticaLog to comply with the principles.

Principles That Guide Our Relationship With Our World

To carry out our business, we use resources that impact society and the environment. We support and strive to implement developments that can lead to sustainable environmental and social benefits. We strive to use finite resources carefully. We incorporate environmental risk management into our decision-making. Our social investment aims to promote the best outcome for our partners, stakeholders and our business.

Application Of These Principles

The CriticaLog business principles apply to CriticaLog and CriticaLog employees. CriticaLog expects its agents to comply with the CriticaLog business principles. The CriticaLog board of management is responsible for adopting, communicating and enforcing the CriticaLog business principles. Our internal audit, integrity, risk management and security functions support the board in monitoring compliance.

Any change in the principles or waiver of provisions may be made only by the CriticaLog board of management with approval from the CriticaLog company board. Such changes will be promptly disclosed at We will not penalise employees for loss of business resulting from adherence to the CriticaLog business principles, for pointing out a breach or suspected breach of these principles or for taking any lawful action with regard to a breach or suspected breach.

Violation Of These Principles

Violation of the CriticaLog Business Principles can lead to disciplinary measures, dismissal and, where laws are broken, civil or criminal prosecution.

If You Have Questions Or Would Like Advice

All employee decisions must be made with full recognition and compliance with these CriticaLog business principles. Whenever you have any question as to whether any conduct is permissible, you should check with your supervisor or local manager. If your concerns cannot be addressed locally or if you would like advice on implementing or applying of the CriticaLog business principles, please contact

CriticaLog Group Policy On Whistleblowing

We encourage CriticaLog employees to promptly report any breach or suspected breach of any law, regulation, the CriticaLog business principles or other company policies and procedures or any other alleged irregularities. We investigate reports promptly and with strict confidentiality, and we will not retaliate or undertake action against employees for filing a report or assisting another employee in doing so. However, intentionally making a false whistle-blower report will lead to disciplinary action.