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Same Day Delivery

Next Flight Out (NFO)

NFO shipments are urgent and highest priority shipments that get connected by direct flight to the destination airport through major commercial airlines. The shipment is picked up, taken to the airport and tendered on the next available flight. Upon flight arrival at the destination, CriticaLog retrieves the shipment and delivers the same to the consignee.

Hand Carry

For critically urgent deliveries, it’s important that everything is on schedule. CriticaLog offers Hand Carry solution where the shipment is carried by dedicated personnel to the destination of choice while maintaining constant contact with the consignee. The dedicated freight forwarding solution enables maximum response to time-criticality.

Just In Time (JIT) / Rush Delivery

Just In Time (JIT) is a strategy to increase efficiency by receiving goods only as they are needed for the process. A reliable supply chain is important for the success of JIT. CriticaLog’s operation enabled by technology ensures that the within city shipments are rushed and delivered within 2-4 hrs after pickup from the company’s warehouse.
Next Day Delivery

Standard Air

Standard Air services provide flexible domestic flight schedules by leading commercial airlines. Our strong ties with leading commercial airlines help us transport essential shipments on time. We handle shipments of extreme criticality with utmost care and protection with round the clock attention.


Sometimes for a critical shipment, the logistics must happen without any transhipment. Rejecting the standard hub and spoke model, the logistics service provider must carry such shipment by a dedicated transport directly to the user. In addition to the time benefit, the shipment is secured from external impact compared to regular cargo handling.

Direct Master

The highest priority shipment is picked up, taken to the airport and tendered on the optimised flight on a dedicated airline waybill. We identify the optimal flight departing and arriving at origin and destination airports and connect the shipment in minimum possible transit time.
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Lite Express

Economy Air

Economy Air service is targeted for cargo which are semi-critical in nature and moves through the surface network. Our partnerships with leading airlines, allow us to design an end-to-end multi-modal solution which reduces the surface transit time with increased efficiency and reduced touchpoints.

Road Express

CriticaLog Road Express is a strategic national and regional network connecting to remote parts of India. It enables long-haul road movements to be fast, secure and reliable with dedicated GPS enabled fleets.
Reverse Logistics


Where expectations from all ends surpass normal pickup and delivery with assured high-value asset management support. Our experience and service excellence in ensuring timely reverse-logistics of defective goods with secured packaging across the country is unmatched.

Repair And Return

Repair And Return help the companies to bring their after-sales services closer to the end-user. The process begins with the collection of the defective product from the end-user, getting the same repaired from the nearest service centre and returning the product back to the user in minimum possible time.

Swap / Exchange

Sometimes companies accept the replacement of products that develop defects under the guaranteed period to ensure customer delight. In Swap deliveries, a new product is carried by the logistics service provider and the exchange happens at the customer’s place. Later, the defective product is consolidated and returned to the equipment manufacturer.
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International Delivery

Door-To-Door / Port

CriticaLog ensures delivery of shipment to any part of the world through ocean or air transit mode. Through our partnership with international airline carriers and IATA authorised courier partners we ensure seamless Door-To-Door / Port delivery services.

Freight Clearance

CriticaLog provides assistance in obtaining permit, approvals, no-objection certificates and other legal requirements for import / export pre-clearance at airport / port. We ensure that proper labelling is done for the shipment so shipments can be handled, stored as per the transit requirements by all stakeholders from pick up till delivery.

24x7 Customer Support

We have a specialised team to handle international queries. We ensure constant contact with our courier partner to update transit status to the customers. Once a query is raised we are responsible for planning, implementing and controlling both information and goods.