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Our Commitment Towards Your Success Is Constant

CriticaLog combines its Shipping Services, Special Handling Services, Fulfilment and Technology Services to provide a multi-modal critical logistics solution to core industries.

With a reach of over 16,500 PIN codes and growing, CriticaLog services the requirements of Fortune 500 companies to the remotest parts of India. With our International Partnerships and as a member of WCA, we serve customers across 5 continents and provide solutions to the core industries.

  • Operate a profitable and scalable critical supply chain & logistics operation focusing on industry specific requirements and solutions.
  • Leverage diverse people capabilities, service oriented culture and modern technology while enabling environment sustainability.
  • Deliver highly reliable critical logistics services creating value for client's and client's customers.
  • To lead the global critical logistics industry in designing, implementing and operating solutions to manage complex supply chains, exploiting technology to achieve optimisation, integration and visibility throughout the process.
  • We shall achieve this by empowering our team with the training, tools, management guidance, along with safe and productive work environment within which we are self-motivated and eager to exceed our customers' expectations at every step.
  • We shall innovate and be responsive to our client community on critical logistics needs in a manner that achieves the revenue and profitability goals expected by our stakeholders.
  • Willingness to invest and build customised solutions.
  • Passionate, experienced and skilled operations and management team.
  • Secured & 'Owned' operations network with proprietary IT system.
  • High Quality Service Experience - HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

Our Values

We embrace change and execute new ideas to maintain high-quality standards.
Customer Success
We collaborate with our customers and pave the way for the mutual win.
We are a team of professionals who put our heart and mind in what we do.
We are upfront and visible about our operations, decisions and actions.
We constantly strive to be fair, honest and ethical in our conduct.
What Makes Us Different?

Principles That Guide Our Relationship

As a premium logistics service provider powered by technology services, we leverage extensive industry knowledge to build a solution that reduces your transportation costs, increases efficiency and improves shipment and cost visibility. We evaluate the existing activity and freight flows throughout the supply chain to drive efficiency and reduce costs.


Willingness to invest in innovative and tailored solutions


A strong team of logistics experts and passionate professionals


Secured operations network with a proprietary IT system

Expertise In Critical Logistics

CriticaLog is a technology-powered premium logistics company, providing customised critical logistics solutions to a diverse set of industries. We help in shaping the bigger picture and driving service quality excellence through our extensive operational network and partners in India and the international market. The outstanding turnaround time and secure service bring extreme satisfaction and customer delight.

Our Team

A Medley Of Professional Experts

CriticaLog is supported by a diverse business conglomerate. Our team of experts are experienced logistics professionals with international exposure.

Sujoy Guha

CEO and MD

Samir Baran Panda

Director and COO

K.N Phani Raj

Chief Information Officer

Siddharth Menon

Head - Sales, Business Development & Marketing

Divya Mathew

Head - Human Resources

Shikha Agarwal

Finance Controller

Sangeeta Arun

Head - Customer Service

Hitesh Athawasya

Head - Operations

Accreditations & Memberships

CriticaLog is an active member of various international chambers of commerce




CriticaLog is certified by international organisations for quality services. We strictly adhere to all the regulatory requirements and meet customer expectations promptly.

CriticaLog is funded by a Switzerland based Investment Firm, LoGon Investments Gmbh. It has its roots from the founding family of Gondrand Logistics, which was founded in 1866.

Charles-Antoine Gondrand is the Founder and Managing Partner of LogOn Investments Gmbh. The firm is active in investing in technology-enabled Logistics Companies in Europe with a major focus on India. It advises on venture capital & private equity opportunities & invests in service companies operating in transportation, warehousing, cold chain, freight forwarding, express and other key links of the domestic and international supply chain.

Electric Vehicles – Building A Better World

CriticaLog is experimenting with the use of Electric Vehicles in its fleet. We successfully piloted electric two-wheelers for pick-up and delivery and would soon roll them out in major metros. As a responsible organisation, CriticaLog believes in environmental sustainability and is doing its bit in supporting the Government of India’s initiative in driving the use of electric vehicles in the country.

CSR Activities

CriticaLog has sustained profits year on year and we are obliged to give back to the society through education, skilling services and environmental conservation.

  • We undertake renovation projects in schools, fulfil their basic infrastructure requirements and improve extracurricular facilities.
  • CriticaLog imparts basic computer knowledge and provides soft skill training to the youth.
  • Our employees also engage in tree plantation drives and clean-a-thon activities around schools and colleges.