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Cold Chain Movement

Dedicated reefer truck and cold rooms at a strategic location for the transportation of temperature-controlled shipments. By proper planning of refrigerant refill during transhipment, we also ensure temperature consistency throughout transit.

Precious Cargo Handling

High-value items require skilled handling and special care from sudden movements, shocks or vibrations during transit. Appropriate and comprehensive insurance is arranged for the value of the item concerned to protect the company should an accident occur. The products are protected with safety elements like safes, cages, CCTV surveillance, armed security personnel and GPS monitored vehicles.

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Dangerous Goods / HAZMAT Movement

A basic requirement for the transport of Dangerous Goods (DG) is that the material must remain contained to prevent contamination and shielded to avoid unacceptable exposure to cargo handlers and public.

Radioactive Handling

Radioactive Cargo Handling across India is enforced by the regulatory authority for safe handling of radiation sources and transport of radioactive materials. CriticaLog’s network at major airports and certified personnel for handling Dangerous Goods (DG) enables hassle-free airport clearance and surface movements of radioactive goods.

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Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC) Handling

It’s not always possible for the manufacturers to break down the shipment into handy parts, which in turn complicates the setup and commission of product at the destination. With a well-coordinated team for handling and securing the shipment while moving, CriticaLog has the ability to customise the transport services for the movement of most challenging Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC).

Coordinated Logistics

Re-engineering the client’s standard operating procedures to bring efficiency to their value chain with the benefits of technology inclusion. Route optimisation using streaming data analytics from GPS enabled vehicles helps in strategising pickup and deliveries. For high load factor lanes, shipment can be moved twice or thrice a day which helps in providing multiple delivery timelines.

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