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Real-Time Delivery Monitoring And Control

Our proprietary Transport Management System (TMS) applications integrated with pickup, routing and delivery module have made real-time shipment tracking possible and have improved accuracy of data capture. Enabled by the real-time decision support systems our field operative is in constant contact with the customer which has led to a faster resolution to onsite issues. CriticaLog software team have added critical micro-services to help the client’s disparate supply chain information system with crucial data and analysis for strategic decision making.

Supply Chain Inventory Visibility

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) application allows enterprises to monitor and manage events across the supply chain to plan their activities more effectively and pre-empt problems. CriticaLog’s web-based ERP enables enterprises not only to track and trace inventory on a line-item level but also receive alerts when events deviate from expectations. This visibility into orders and shipments on a real-time basis gives enterprises reliable advance knowledge of when goods will arrive and lets them take proactive decisions.

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Service Operations Management

Service Operations Management (SOM) services provide enterprises with better control over their supply chain that streamlines the maintenance, repair and after-sales operations (MRO). With an application that drives efficiency in multiple nodes of a supply chain network and enables resource (equipment and materials) availability in the maintenance / installation process. CriticaLog’s business intelligence application is flexible enough to include additional processes to support services operation management in the client’s value chain.

Shipment Life Cycle Management

Shipment Life Cycle (SLC) Management is the process of managing the entire life cycle of cargo handling capability within the supply chain. For each consignment, the life cycle includes inception, design and launch (physical, financial and digital), shipping mode options, tracking of performance, refinement, and ultimately, the retirement of the processes, structures and governance related to cargo handling capability. It provides a standard for development and deployment of a strategy into logistics operation.

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API Integration

With an Application Programme Interface (API) integration, respective functions can build together best-of-breed solutions, on their platforms, that handle specific tasks and data sets by easily extracting data from the databases. With an ambitious target of innovation and technology inclusion in recent future, CriticaLog IT team is ensuring that the business is getting the most out of all of its APIs and other IT investments.

Logistics Network Planning

Logistics Network Planning (LNP) is a proven scientific method for analysing the required cost and service levels that enterprises need to meet specified customer service objectives. With a huge presence pan India it is crucial to maintain a benchmark cost of logistics. CriticaLog enables dynamic alignment of customer demands and supply response capabilities optimised for net profitability across each cargo lane. We have a fast and fact-based information response to operational issues and better coordination with en-route vehicles from centralised command.

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