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B2B Order Fulfilment

Strategic optimisation of order planning, route planning and line-haul is always a priority at CriticaLog. We explain to the buyer everything about storing, insurance, inspection, packaging, etc. which ensures the complicated process of business order fulfilment is carried out with precision and care. CriticaLog provides cost and freight facilities to clients offering local invoicing on demand while sharing our manpower, premises and infrastructure.

Strategic Stocking Location (SSL)

When last-mile deliveries are a priority but the companies want to deter the inventory holding cost the only option is to hold the critical spares at a strategic location. On-demand delivery to the user by the logistics service provider ensures optimum space utilisation for multiple utility sites. CriticaLog manages strategic stocking by modifying their transit hub into storage centres and delivering the required shipment to the end-users with a minimum time lag.

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Returns Management

CriticaLog has an in-house Transport Management System (TMS) that enables our customers to schedule pickups, track their orders in real-time with ease. Our automated workflows validate Return Material Authorisations (RMAs) and generate labels and shipping documents. Accurately labelled shipments with the required paperwork and pre-addressed, carrier-compliant labels experience fewer delays and create a predictable inbound return stream. We not only manage the reverse product flow efficiently but identify opportunities to reduce unwanted returns and to control reusable assets such as packaging.

Implant Services

To ensure close coordination between the warehousing team and logistics service provider an implant is placed at the client warehouse. The implant oversees all offsite pickup and delivery operations, ensures successful information capture from the pickup site and keeps constant communication open with the field operations team. Supported by an implant, the warehouse manager can have the freedom of service changes in transport mode from surface to air in case of transit lead-time failures.

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Transport Packaging

CriticaLog ensures enhanced packaging for products, including packaging for temperature-controlled shipments, that demand optimal conditions during the entire transit period. CriticaLog ensures open pickup of shipment from the consignor and ships the package in a transport worthy packaging with zero reported pilferage. We also provide solutions to higher-value products, where expectations from all ends surpass normal courier delivery, both in service and monetary gain.

Break Bulk Services

The companies sometimes consider moving consolidated cargo from one point to another. The major benefit is the affordable cost of long line-haul and convenience of pelletised packaging. The companies then position the in-city distribution of the product from a break bulk point. The container carrying a bulk shipment is moved directly to the warehouse from where the shipments are de-palletised and delivered as part-load to the consignees as per demand.

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Importer On Record

Importer On Record is a term used in customs law. It refers to an importer, whether an entity or individual, who is responsible for ensuring that legal goods are imported in accordance with the law of the place. The importer is responsible for filing legally required documents. Payment of the assessed import duties and other taxes on the imported goods are to be given by the importer on record.