Response to COVID-19

The coronavirus situation has abruptly and rapidly changed since March 2021. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, India has witnessed a massive surge of cases in the past few weeks. The renewed jump in Covid-19 infection in several parts of the country and the associated localised and regional lockdowns / curfews imposed acrossIndia, CriticaLog has been continuously adapting its operations, evaluating risks, and actively discussing with Government authorities to mitigate challenges. Our War Room formed in March 2020 is once again active,under close monitoring of the Senior Management,to ensure business continuity during these challenging times.


There are service disruptions across the country due to curfews and weekend lockdowns; with restricted movement of commercial vehicles – transportation in many parts of the country has become extremely difficult. This has impacted our network operations too; however,CriticaLog has risen to the challenge and has been delivering in adverse circumstances, thereby receiving continuous appreciation from our customers and industry stakeholders.

Rising to the challenge, while considering the safety of our employees, we have prioritized the movement of essential Healthcare goods like life-saving kits, spare parts of essential medical devices, Coronavirus diagnostic kits, related essential equipment, vaccines, medicines etc.
As a technology driven critical logistics solution provider, we continue with our contactless delivery across our network of over 16,500 pin codes in India. The contactless delivery is powered by mobile based OTP, resulting in the requisite social distancing and customer delight for our B2B and B2C customers.


Apart from equipping our field team members with masks, gloves and sanitisers, we are updating our team members across the country to follow social distancing and self-hygiene parameters. As new updates unfold, all employees are being updated of precautionary measures to reduce exposure and spread of COVID-19.

As an organisation, we are ensuring that we operate and comply with Government of India and respective State Government regulations and advisories, as and when they are updated, while constantly adapting our operations to the needs of our customers.

We thank all our team members and customers for continued support as we drive through this challenging situation.

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