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An information technology company that provides data warehousing solutions to save IT costs for other companies is associated with CriticaLog for three years. For the need of frequent upgradation, the company deploys sustainable and repeated maintenance service and an optimised asset lifecycle maintenance plan.

  • Need the right inventory in close proximity
  • Enable on-demand delivery to customer site
  • EXIM documentation for statutory requirements
  • Secure scraping of collected e-waste

As their logistics partner, CriticaLog was required to maintain ample inventory of strategic spare parts at their own hubs. Once the delivery was requested by the service engineer, the right parts have to be shipped and the bad parts must be collected from the customer site. Periodically, collected e-waste must be taken to the recycling centres.

With the help of the in-house web integrated system, CriticaLog ensured the optimum stock availability in all locations. Also, the system provided the customers’ 24×7 product delivery support and automated reverse pickup process. All the statutory documentation for the spare parts logistics were managed by a team of subject matter experts.

The 24×7 customer support platform led to faster complaint resolution and improved the market share of the company. Our benchmark transit time helped the company maintain a consistent AMC service level.

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