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A global leader and producer of heavy engineering products, systems and services to the construction industries around the world, is associated with CriticaLog for almost a year. It is important to keep their clients happy because of the rising competition in the industry. Since the profitability for the client lies in the duration of the supply chain cycle, the repaired material must be returned as soon as possible.

  • Loss in market share and consumer loyalty
  • Longer duration for delivery of repaired material
  • Multiple touchpoints created coordination issues
  • Materials to be transported safely

The delay in the logistics process affected the revenue of their client. CriticaLog was tasked to collect the materials from the construction sites, majorly off-road locations and deliver to regional service centres. On return of the serviced goods, the repair charges must be collected from the construction site to ensure efficiency.

Our stable drop-off locations across the country made it easy for the end customers to deposit the faulty machines. The integrated IT system helped in consolidating the pickup and delivery information of the materials from multiple touchpoints. To reduce the repair and return time we operated with a well established regional network. The duel cut-off time model for shipment delivery to service centres also helped in reducing the turnaround time.

With this efficient logistics process, the company saw a 30% reduction in the total turn around time of the repaired machines. The consistent and predictable return time motivated the manufacturer to reduce the service centres that resulted in reduction of CAPEX. The readily available product drop-off location expanded market reach for the company.

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