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A leading drug research company faced various last-minute logistics problems which might lead to failure in the research of a life-critical drug. Proper evidence of temperature consistency throughout the transit is necessary to ensure the success of the trial. To extend the delivery TAT, refrigerant refills must also be carried along with the goods.

  • Lack of statutory documents for logistics process
  • Difficulty in attaining airline clearance
  • Nature of the goods is critical and dangerous
  • Reverse logistics for data logger and empty boxes

The team was required to collect the pre-packaged shipment, which has a life of just 48hrs, from the clinical research organisation and hospital. To track temperature consistency during transit, each of the shipments will be attached with a data logger. The temperature data to be shared with the consignee post-shipment delivery.

The nature of the shipment demanded handling by trained professionals with experience in handling life science shipments. Smooth shipment on-boarding was facilitated with pre-processing of airline clearance. The refrigerant refill was made available at strategic locations of the transit to extend packaging life.

The optimised route planning for on-road delivery to remote locations reduced the transit time. Due to the expert shipment handling the chances of errors or failures in the clinical trial was mitigated. Also, the strict movement TAT ensured successful medical diagnosis for the patients.

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