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A Fortune 500 company and makers of the da Vinci surgical system is associated with CriticaLog for over two years. The company is committed to developing robotic-assisted tools and technologies that facilitate advanced surgical needs. CriticaLog was asked to develop highly innovative techniques to expedite the shipping process and provide secure transit of the machines.

  • High-value commodity need secure transit
  • Shipment weight was high and needed expert handling
  • No transhipment allowed for the logistics partner
  • Product delivery within city limits

CriticaLog was tasked to pick up the heavy machines directly from the customer’s site and carry as a single load, to the destination. The machines need specialised handling and monitoring throughout the transit process.

Considering the weight and the dimensions of the machinery, customised support equipment was used in the loading and unloading process. A team of well-trained staff were deployed to provide specialised handling of the product. We also mitigated the transportation cost with our regional road network.

The continuous monitoring of the carrier performance via the central control centre provided safe and secure logistics services to the company. The benchmark transit time facilitated the installation on the same day of delivery.

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