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A renowned e-learning brand faced difficulties in managing their logistics. Their users, after the completion of the study term, expect new study material while exchanging the old material for significant value. The used product must be collected from the end consumer and sent to the nearby site for recycling.

  • Mobile learning product has limited packing and needed safe handling
  • Coordination with end-user is difficult in B2C supply chain
  • Lack of visibility of the returned product in the market
  • It is difficult to attain a steady flow of input material for recycling operations

When requested by the end consumers’ CriticaLog should pickup new shipment from the nearby warehouse and deliver to the desired location. The on-site staff should validate the availability of the return and pack the old product at the consumer’s location itself. All the returned products must be consolidated and sent to the central warehouse for recycling.

To consolidate all the return shipment data, a unique order management application was developed. CriticaLog scheduled the delivery and picked up the products as per the end consumers’ availability. The field operators were trained to pack and return the product safely to the recycling station. The end-to-end cycle timings were reduced by swapping the good product with the old product.

The return management application along with bulk transportation of old products to the warehouse helped in proper planning of recycling operations. The brand saved a huge amount of operation cost by refurbishing the returned goods.

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