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A market leader in consumer electronics best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise-cancelling headphones, professional audio products and automobile sound systems was associated with CriticaLog for half a decade. With a reputation for being particularly protective of its patents and trademarks. The supply chain team was tasked with recovering their defective products from end customers.

  • Service centres were inaccessible
  • Repair need in minimum possible time
  • Loss in brand equity and consumer loyalty
  • High-value commodity need secure transit

The scarcity of the service centres made it difficult for consumers to give the products for repair, this led to a poor-after sales service. CriticaLog was tasked to do an on-demand pickup directly from the end customer’s site along with all necessary product accessories. The collected products were then delivered to the company’s service centres.

To improve efficiency, our staff was instructed to get a complete understanding, from the customer, on all the problems occurring in their product. The collected products were delivered to the centre in tamper-proof packing. Our proprietary IT system helped in communicating the product status and consolidating the pickup information.

To ensure on-time pickup and delivery, the central control system focused on carrier performance. The customers were informed about the delivery status to mitigate the delivery failure rate.

CriticaLog’s safe and secure logistics services helped the company maintain its brand equity. By bringing the products to a centralised location we consolidated the entire operation. The due diligence performed at the pickup site reduced the customer escalation. Our regional road network helped optimise overall cost for after-sales operation cost.

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