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A Fortune 500 company that offers medical imaging, information technology, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology is associated with CriticaLog for almost a year. In India, major hospital chains have installed their equipment and with a promise of providing proactive service during machine downtime.

  • Time-critical shipments to be delivered in late hours
  • Communication gap between field engineer and control centre
  • Lack of differentiation between good and bad spare parts in transit
  • Escalations due to machine downtime

CriticaLog was responsible for collecting the spare parts from all the warehouses in metro cities. Prompt delivery of required spare parts to various hospitals and diagnostic centres across the country. Delivery and collection of faulty / good spare parts post machine repairs from the field engineers. Reverse logistics to the respective warehouses.

To mitigate the delivery time all forward logistics were done by air and reverse logistics by surface. The pickup and delivery information was effectively communicated through our integrated IT system. A quick response team was placed to facilitate the on-demand pick-up from warehouses and to hand carry the package to the destination.

The carrier performance was constantly monitored through the central control centre to increase efficiency. Our regional road network also helped in reducing the operation cost.

The escalations due to machine downtime were mitigated owing to the communication protocol between the logistics team and the field engineers. Over 90 per cent service efficiency achieved for spare parts logistics through on-demand NFO and hand carry services. The timely delivery of good spare parts to warehouse increased inventory turnover and reduced inventory holding cost.

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