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A Fortune 500 company and a global designer, that specialises in consumer fashion accessories, has been in association with CriticaLog for three years. Owing to the frequent changes in the trend, the company has the necessity to recover their products from the market and replace them with new ones in a short span of time. The goods should be transported in a secure manner as they are delicate.

  • Pickup locations spread across the country
  • Statutory documents not available with vendors
  • Challenges in capturing the market valuation of products
  • Lack of proper packaging for the delicate merchandise

Since the products needed additional care, CriticaLog was responsible for providing solid packaging. The statutory documents necessary for the shipment must be shared with the client for perusal. Finally, an on-demand pickup service as and when requested by the vendors to enable quick replacement of goods.

We deployed a team of trained staff to safely handle and pack the collected products, for a pilferage free transport. The collection vehicle was equipped with a dedicated mobile printer for printing air waybills with details for shipment tracking. To eliminate hassles the shipments are delivered to the client along with a complete set of the necessary documents. Throughout the logistics process, the central control centre monitors the vehicle focusing on the carrier performance.

The attentive packaging and handling service reduced the product damage rate on transit. Our methodical operation and well-trained staff produced a benchmark transit time. This ensured on-time product replacement in the retail stores, to boost sales.

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