The CriticaLog Reverse Logistics advantage

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The CriticaLog Reverse Logistics advantage

CriticaLog banked on its robust and efficient methodology -Reverse Logistics, to match the demands of its clients.By using Smart-Tech and API Integrated Systems CriticaLog was able to do the Automation of Booking, help Clients keep a track on the product in need of service, all the way back to its Service Centre and did the Acknowledgement and Pick-up process across the country.

This led to receiving and sending clients receipts of bad/repairable spares on time and enabled them to send replacements to the customer faster.CriticaLog ensured fast transit and receipt of spares at Board Repair Centres & State Warehouses.How?This process eliminated multiple Logistics Players and Large Team of Data Entry Operators.And what’s bigger is that the use of Critical Network that is in place to carry out the task helped the customer to improve the After Sales Service Levels across the country.

CriticaLog is always enabling business houses to perform better and reach their target seamlessly with new improved and one of its kind smart logistics technology. The purpose of it all is to lower the risks and plan ahead, so that companies can benefit from the time earned.BenefitsIndustry leaders who produce and service innovative energy saving, high-precision technologies had one major problem to tackle.

They required timely receipts of repairable spares from Service centres in 248 locations in data processed format using SAP to allow urgent issuance of good spares for early repairs of machines and make the whole experience seamless.