Our Critical Air service is built on the platform of flexible domestic flight schedules offered by leading commercial airlines. Our close relationship with the airlines, on-demand pick-up, controlled network, process orientation at every stage - overlaid with rigorous security cover - makes this service truly unique and customized.

Critical Air provides an express mode of transport, aimed at highly critical shipments. Currently it covers domestic time sensitive service, such as, specialized handling for spares and components, ensuring timely, accurate and intact air express deliveries. It also provides solutions to higher value e-commerce products, where expectations from all ends surpass normal courier delivery, both in service and monetary gain.

Critical Air services span the full range for this product category and include:

  1. Domestic Time Sensitive -specialized handling for valuable or urgent spares and components, ensuring timely, accurate and intact air express deliveries. We reach most of the major cities in the country next day and can deliver Same Day service, depending on flight connectivity.
  2. Efficient Reverse Logistics - where expectations from all ends surpass normal pick up and disposition to ensure high value asset management support. Our experience, systems and high service quality in ensuring timely reverse logistics for critical spares across the country is unmatched and brings in greater overall efficiency in the Repair and Return process.
  3. International Critical Logistics - as CriticaLog is supported by overseas investment, we plan to roll out global critical logistics operations shortly.

CriticaLog ensures that you will receive the speed, reliability, safety and security with 100% visibility, process orientation and accountability that you expect and deserve for each and every critical logistics movement.

CriticaLog collaborates with enterprises to develop and manage specialized and custom built supply chain in certain key areas like Express Distribution, Warehouse management solution, Freight management and Reverse logistics solutions.

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Critical Precious

CriticaLog, with its vast secured network, trusted and experienced management and unique IT capabilities, provide an efficient, flexible and cost effective safe & secure transport and storage operations across our country. Critical handling of precious and high value merchandise covers packaging, armed and secured transport, special handling by Airlines, insurance and personal hands-on management at every step of the journey.

CriticaLog operates its secured line-hauls with a matrix network of Safe Hubs across the country. Apart from regular safety features such as, safes & cages, CCTV surveillance, armed protection, GPS monitored vehicles etc. CriticaLog uses its innovative and proprietary IT technology to track & trace on real time on Google maps, monitor major hubs and vehicles across the country remotely at centralized Command Centre.

Our focus areas include:

  1. Precious Logistics - high value and precious metals and gems, gold and silver jewellery - covering major metro, Tier II and Tier III cities and towns.
  2. Exhibition Management - full logistics responsibility for complete and timely forward and reverse movements.
  3. Inventory Management - secured cross docking solutions involving SFSL (Secured Forward Stocking Locations) with secured cages, vaulting services and CCTV monitoring.

With a quest of providing comprehensive logistics solution, CriticaLog has tied up with leading Insurance companies. Apart from substantial Fidelity and Legal Liability insurance covers for any unforeseen losses, it also arranges economical transit marine insurance on a transactional basis, when required.

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Most Health care and Bio-pharma products require controlled storage and transit conditions to protect their quality and Distributors are required to record temperature data during the entire product life cycle. Low and high-risk products such as vaccines, insulin and blood products, normally require storage in either ambient, frozen or chilled conditions. This entails concise handling processes of Shipper packed units and use of temperature-monitoring devices, as needed, to demonstrate compliance with the laid down guidelines and records submitted.

Critical Life is about:

  1. Fast, safe and secure transportation of time and temperature sensitive healthcare products between Manufacturers, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories and Research Centers.
  2. Comprehensive door-to-door service - ground pick up, express air and ground delivery with global healthcare standard and logistics process quality, tailored to individual client needs
  3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - customized to the clients specific requirements for a range of life science products including blood samples, stem cells, clinical trial kits etc.
  4. Development of detailed transport schedules to meet required window of operations for individual investigating sites.
  5. Assistance with permit applicable including import permits, ministry of health authorities etc.
  6. Services including temperature controlled packaging, in-transit dry ice / gel pack replenishment, supplies, logistics expertise and temperature monitoring.
  7. CriticaLog IT process captures real-time shipment and event status detail accurately, ensuring 100% logistics audit-trail and pro-active event management notifications to all concerned parties.

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Our objective is to help our customers gain competitive advantage through logistical superiority, by adding value at every step of their supply chain.

  1. Rush Deliveries - 2 Hour / 4 Hour / Next Flight Out / Next Business Day.
  2. Reverse Logistics - which are inherently demanding and complex, including returns management of IT & Lifestyle products.
  3. Smart Inventory management under demanding conditions - involving Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) or large warehouses.
  4. C&F facilities for our Customer offering local invoicing on demand, while sharing our manpower, premises and infrastructure.
  5. Support Packaging for secured products.
  6. Movement of Dangerous Goods through Air Express mode.

Our skills, experience and personal involvement will help in improving your logistical efficiency and reduce overall costs. CriticaLog offers innovative and customized logistical solutions that allow you to focus time and effort on your core business, while we manage the logistics.

Delivering Critical Logistics Services has not only honed the capabilities our entire Team but has also strengthened our internal processes, ensured strong monitoring and control systems and made us safety and security conscious at every step.

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