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Our Vision
  1. Operate a profitable and scalable critical supply chain & logistics operation focusing on industry  specific requirements and solutions.
  2. Leverage diverse people capabilities, service oriented culture and modern technology while enabling environment sustainability.
  3. Deliver highly reliable critical logistics services creating value for client's and client's customers.
Our Mission
  1. To lead the global critical logistics industry in designing, implementing and operating solutions to manage complex supply chains, exploiting technology to achieve optimization, integration and visibility throughout the process.
  2. We shall achieve this by empowering our team with the training, tools, management guidance, along with safe and productive work environment within which we are self-motivated and eager to exceed our customers expectations at every step.
  3. We shall innovate and be responsive to our client community on critical logistics needs in a manner that achieves the revenue and profitability goals expected by our stakeholders.
  4. Willingness to invest and build customized solutions
  5. Passionate, experienced and skilled operations and management team
  6. Secured & 'Owned' operations network with proprietary IT system
  7. High Quality Service Experience - HAPPY CUSTOMERS
Our Capabilities
Our capabilities are underpinned by our experience and zeal to create the best logistics option for our customers, on a critical logistics platform. We offer design-to-implement support to your logistical needs with a wide range of activities:-
What Makes Us Different
  • Clear critical logistics vision & planning
  • Process oriented and disciplined
  • Innovative, efficient and user friendly IT backbone
  • Easy access to skilled and experienced logisticians
  • Trusted network; safe and secured
  • Result oriented, consistent and customer focused
  • Excellent coverage across India

Delivering Lower Total Landed Cost:

Proven ability to effect faster deliveries, thereby ensuring inventory cost savings. Carriage through a secured network carrying only critical products - results in shipment delivered in better conditions,higher quality of client service and better cash flow velocity with expedited PODs.

Delivery Speed:

'Hub to hub' as against 'hub and spoke', wherever commercially possible: highly flexible and scalable first mile and last mile operations, configured for speedy deliveries across customers: customized network to arrange critical deliveries on demand.


India's 1st critical logistics supply chain collaboration IT platform with real-time order visibility and efficiency for all supply chain partners. Flexible to suit variety of requirements and innovative to match high level of security and operational capabilities


We have carefully created our first set of hubs and depots, taking market feedback, in order to be closer to our customers. From these 'Owned' 32 hubs, we have local milk-runs and reliable associates reaching out to cover distant hinterland. Currently we pick-up from 248 cities and towns covering 12300 Pin codes. While we have already planned for our next set of hubs, they will be created in a collaborative manner, as per the need of our Customers.


  • 1. Infrastructure

    CriticaLog is deploying a unique and customer friendly logistics technology platform for truly 'end-to-end' visibility. It will provide activity tracking with pro-active event exception alerts. We take pride in implementing TMS and WMS systems designed to take on complex critical logistics and specialized handling and meet each customer’s unique requirement. A Command Centre at the Head Office monitors all major indoor and out-door activities though strategically placed remote CCTV and data loggers.

  • 2. Software Application
  • A. eCritica

    GPS vehicle locator and movement monitoring.

    Hand-held units for remote data entry, barcode scanning and RFID.

    Event triggered order and shipment track & trace.

    Multiple tracking identifiers as per shipper, buyer, consignee requirements, such as POs, GCNs, SKU IDs, and Invoices.

    Real-time sending of pro-active shipment status updates and alert notices via email or SMS.

    Pin Code assignments to each and every order for delivery accuracy, acknowledgment and accountability.

    Ability to connect to ERP systems.

  • B. eCritica - WMS (Warehouse Management System)

    eCritica-WMS is a WEB Based application which gives global visibility.WMS System has been designed with a view to bring the concept of a centralized warehouse system, to take care of a company's day-to-day warehouse operations with advance methodolog.

    WMS System is customized by Criticalog Information Technology team with respect to different Warehouse Infrastructure and Customer requirements

  • C. eCritica - OTS (Order Tracking System)

    The CriticaLog Management Team consists of highly skilled, trained and experienced logistics professionals with international exposure. This team has worked for decades with leading multinational and Indian firms.

    With extensive domain knowledge, exposure to different segments of logistics and expertise based on state of the art operations and technology, our team is matured and qualified to discuss and devise customized logistics solutions to your logistical needs, with the best "cost-to-value" critical logistics services. Our focus is primarily on fast, secured, safe, reliable and customized operating performance. We are confident of our team and unique network - which can translate into creative and measurable value for our clients.

    Attributes of our core team include successful executive leadership, operating management and development of skilled field network with proven effectiveness and expert market knowledge of the target industries.


  • Sujoy Guha - CEO and MD

    A Mechanical engineer from NIT and a post-graduate in Business Management from Warwick, UK with over 28 years of business experience. Starting his career with ONGC and HCL, he has spent over 16 years in the leadership positions in Express and SCM domain with TNT in India and overseas and 3 years as the CEO and Director of Sequel Logistics.

    As a Business Leader and senior logistician, Sujoy has worked across the spectrum of the logistics industry.

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  • Samirbaran Panda - Director and COO

    An arts graduate with post-graduation in Business Management from Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune and in Optimization and SCM from Tilburg University, Amsterdam. He has an overall experience of 26 years in Logistics and Express distribution with Blue Dart, TNT, Sequel and Startrek. Samir is highly trained and experienced in Operations management of international and domestic express distribution – by air and surface, 3PL Contract Management, warehousing and freight forwarding.

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  • K.N Phani Raj - Chief Information Officer

    Phani holds a Diploma in Electronics and Telecom Engineering from Dept. of Tech. Education, Karnataka and has received numerous technology trainings in his career spanning 24 years on network and specialized software. His strength lies in developing IT strategies, in line with the development of the business strategy, with technology as driver. He has worked in TNT, Deccan Cargo and Sequel Logistics in senior positions, facilitating improvements in operations processes though use of IT technology for Logistics & Supply Chain industries thereby ensuring that IT and Business Planning are fully integrated on a continuous basis.

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